Summer wrap-up

Hi everyone! So, here’s my last blog post, marking the end of what was a remarkable summer of research for me.  Overall, I am very happy with the progress that the project has made; however, it is far from complete and I will need to do more research in order to answer my original research […]

Update 4

Hi everyone! I guess with the official summer research period almost over, it’s time for a fourth update. While this project will absolutely continue into the school year – it’s grown too much in scope to finish it by the end of the summer – I am trying to tie up any loose ends that […]

Update 2

It’s so hard to believe that the research period has almost come to an end! However, even with just about a week and a half left to go, my project is still in full swing – or at least, a half of it is … The synthetic portion of my project came to a screeching […]