MFC Summary

In June I set out to create a fuel cell powered by the cyanobacterium spirulina. As of now I am still working towards this goal. My first step was to read up on the current state of the literature. From various academic papers I cobbled together the design of the type of fuel cell I plan […]

MFC Update #7 Future Steps

Thanks to the sudden death of my algae, my research did not progress as far as I had hoped this summer, and I was ultimately unable to achieve my end goal of constructing and testing my fuel cell. However, even as the summer comes to a close, I plan to continue my research. I have ordered a […]

MFC Update 6: Disaster

You wouldn’t think algae would be a very high maintenance pet, or study subject, but spirulina has proven to be so. The batch of culture I was growing over the course of this summer was my third spirulina colony. I attempted to grow my first over Christmas break, and I tried a second after returning to school. […]