Simulating a General Adversarial Network: Update #5

Last time we spoke (or rather I monologued), I was planning on creating a headline classifier, to decide whether headlines are real or fake. This in and of itself seems like a pretty simple task, that mostly requires generating a bunch of fake headlines and feeding those (along with an equal number of real headlines) […]

Fixing a LSTM Text Generator: Update #4

To be honest, I saw this one coming. Okay, maybe I didn’t expect this to be my biggest problem. I had only heard of overfitting in relation to machine learning classifiers giving the wrong labels to images or something. I didn’t expect that my headline generators would be suffering from overfitting because I didn’t realize […]

Generating Text With Neural Networks: Update #3

Now that I have a minimal understanding of what neural networks are and how they work, I figured it was time to embark on the journey of developing text generation networks. Using a few online tutorials, particularly¬†this one¬†, I was able to create a few small text generation networks. This tutorial was focused on creating […]