Abstract: Longform Fiction Project

After running through several other potential projects, and even writing up an abstract for one before deciding with my advisor it was best to abandon/adjust it, here is the abstract for my Monroe Project for the summer of 2017. I will be undertaking a longform fiction writing project, which is another way of saying I […]

Abstract: First Alcohol Experiences and the Causes of Teen Drinking

In the United States, most students begin drinking in high school or college. Pushed by their peers and influenced by images of drinking in the media and popular music, many students end up binge drinking long before they turn 21. The goal of this research is to analyze the factors pushing teens towards alcohol use or abuse, […]

Abstract – 20th Century American Fine Art Activism

My Monroe Project is going to be on American fine art activism in the 20th century. Fine art activism is a subclass of protest art, which, like the name implies, is art used in political activism. I will be focusing on drawing and painting, and not other forms of prevalent protest art, such as performance […]