Abstract: Learning Techniques of Data Analysis through the Examination of NBA Lineup Data

Over the summer I aim to learn important tenets of data analysis and computer programming by working with basketball lineup data. I will first focus on descriptive statistics- identifying which individual and team statistics have the most impact on lineup success. Then, I will shift my focus to predictive statistics- once I know which factors […]

Electrocatalyst Evaluation for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions

Hi! I’m William Lake, and I’m a rising senior here at W&M.  I’m a double major in Chemistry and math, and I’ll be researching inorganic catalysts this summer in Professor McNamara’s physical-inorganic chemistry lab.   Specifically, I am looking for electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions (ORR). One solution for easily accessible storage of solar energy […]

The Relationship Between Attribution Style and Mental Illness Stigma and Cognitive Style

Mental health stigma is often directly correlated to level of perceived dangerousness of patients and social distance. We will use questionnaires to clarify whether attribution styles, i.e. the degree to which participants view behavior as stemming from aspects of the individual vs. aspects of the situation, influence mental health stigma and in turn participants’ social […]