The Impact of Percussion in a Special Education Setting

HELLO EVERYONE!  😀  My name is Samir Tawalare, I am a junior at the College of William & Mary majoring in history and secondary education, and I hope to earn a master’s degree in special education through our School of Education’s five-year master’s degree program.  This summer, implementing my Monroe project will allow me to combine two of my […]

Abstract: Learning Techniques of Data Analysis through the Examination of NBA Lineup Data

Over the summer I aim to learn important tenets of data analysis and computer programming by working with basketball lineup data. I will first focus on descriptive statistics- identifying which individual and team statistics have the most impact on lineup success. Then, I will shift my focus to predictive statistics- once I know which factors […]

Electrocatalyst Evaluation for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions

Hi! I’m William Lake, and I’m a rising senior here at W&M.  I’m a double major in Chemistry and math, and I’ll be researching inorganic catalysts this summer in Professor McNamara’s physical-inorganic chemistry lab.   Specifically, I am looking for electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions (ORR). One solution for easily accessible storage of solar energy […]