Wound Healing in Neural Cells: Abstract Update

As my work in the lab the past semester has taught me, science is unpredictable, and complications arise all the time that alter the course of research plans. During my summer project, I had planned to work with mouse embryonic stem cells to create cerebral organoid models of brain cells, and then use these models to […]

Abstract: Identity and the Italian Language in Switzerland

I will be studying the relationship between language and identity within the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland.  Italian is one of four national languages in Switzerland, but less than ten percent of the country’s population speaks it.  I am interested in the way the Italian language shapes the community of Ticino, the canton which represents the bulk […]

Abstract: The Effect of Ego Depletion in Restrained versus Unrestrained Eaters on Attentional Bias

I will be conducting my research this summer with Dr. Catherine Forestell. Much research has been dedicated to the relationship between weight, food type, and intake, yet obesity and overweight continue to be a growing problem in the United States and abroad. I am interested in looking at particular cognitive factors that may affect self-control […]