Female World War II pilots in historical fiction

I plan on writing a historical fiction piece about a romance between two women. I imagined two central characters loosely inspired by actual historical figures: a British spy working with a Resistance cell in central Europe and a Russian female fighter pilot. Sasha, the pilot, crash-lands in enemy territory, and Stella, the spy, discovers her […]

Initial post: abstract and description of summer work

Project title: Sustainability in Chesapeake Shorescapes: Variation between spp. Palaemonetes populations in created and natural fringe marshes This summer, I will be working under the guidance of Professor Randolph Chambers at the Keck Environmental Field Lab on campus. I will be comparing freshwater grass shrimp populations (crustacean genus¬†Palaemonetes spp.) between natural fringing marshes and created […]

Low Viscosity 3D Bioprinter Abstract

Medicine and technology have never been so closely entwined as they are today. Among the tools of biomedical engineering, one piece of novel technology stands out as an instrument to pioneer the future of design: The Bioprinter. A bioprinter is a machine set up similar to a 3D-printer, which moves about a gantry, or skeleton […]