Abstract // Characterizing successful reproductive health legislation

When thinking about reproductive justice activism in Virginia, I kept returning to the idea of feasibility. I knew that policy recommendations delivered to legislators or to advocacy organizations needed to be “feasible”, but had no real sense of what that meant in the context of this state’s current political climate. To answer that question, I’m […]

Then and Now: Retracing a 1939 Teenager’s Cross Country Journey

In 1939, my grandfather built a bus out of junk yard materials and went on a two-month cross country road trip with six of his friends. They started in Florham Park, NJ and ended in San Francisco, CA. They went west following the Lincoln Highway and returned on historic routes 66 and 40. I plan […]

Abstract: EP of Original Works

This summer, I am creating a four song Extended Play album of original musical works. Over eight weeks , I will write, produce and record the EP. I will spend one week writing and one week recording each song on the EP. Working for eight weeks on this EP will further my creative development as a […]