Update 7: The Importance of a Clean GC Needle

This week, I began by repeating the photochem experiment from late last week. I did this in order to gather more data points on turnover numbers since they were relatively inconsistent last week. However, these experiments varied catalyst concentrations by very small amounts. Therefore, I also began a new photochem experiment with the same catalyst, […]

Update 6: pH Problems and a New Project

Last week, I ran into problems when using my third catalyst and chromophore combination. Over the weekend I learned that the chromophore I was using works best at pH = 7. The solution of sacrificial electron donor that I use is pH = 7, but I have been diluting it with deionized water. The pH […]

Update 5: Putting the Error in Trial and Error

Last week I performed concentration studies with a sacrificial electron donor (SEC) in hopes of establishing a photocatalytic system that produces hydrogen gas. Unfortunately, these experiments were unsuccessful and produced no hydrogen. This may be a result of incompatibility between the catalyst and chromophore used and the sacrificial donor. Luckily, there are many other catalyst/chromophore combinations available to experiment […]