Chevalier D’Eon – Update 1

Abstract This week, I have focused on the first part of my project – building a theoretical framework with which to analyze Kates’ work and the primary sources from the life of D’Eon. I started the week with three main goals: to read and take notes on three theoretical works I had already identified, to […]

Blog Post#1: Understanding European Integration through Retrospective Analysis

Hello everyone! I hoped to publish this update last week, but my immune system had other plans. One case of the flu and several tissue boxes later, I am excited to publish my first blog post, in which I intend to outline my summer research plans and describe what I’ve been up to the past […]

Abstract: Integration of Advanced Analytics into University Athletics

As advanced analytics are being slowly incorporated into businesses of all industries and applications, the world of sports remains polarized. There are some who have embraced using player performance data—the most prominent example being 2003’s Moneyball. However, there are some schools of thought that reject using analytics, citing that an athlete’s performance cannot be reduced […]