Analyzing the Second Interview (Update 4)

I decided to analyze each interview transcript separately before attempting to collate the themes from each. It helps me keep organized and will make any themes that vary by participant demographics – which were collected in a quick survey – more prominent. This second interview that I analyzed was quite similar to the first; there […]

Beginning the Analysis Stage (Update 3)

To date I have completed three interviews and finished transcribing each of them. The transcription process took quite awhile, which I expected but was still a challenge nonetheless! At this point, I have begun analyzing the data. To do so I have printed out the transcriptions and combed through each one highlighting and annotating along […]

Summary Post: Goodbye My (Feathered) Friends


It has been almost two months since I finished my summer research project, and I am just now posting my summary post, but better late than never, right?   Overall, my summer research experience was a positive one- my lab partner and I worked out a lot of unforseen roadblocks, were able to use sophisticated […]