Two Interviews Completed (Update 2)

Despite a frustrating experience with the Institutional Review Board, my research was approved by the PHSC at the end of July. Since then, I have advertised my research project on a local college’s campus. I chose not to interview William and Mary students because the campus is so small and I didn’t want to speak to anyone […]

Final updates: American missionaries and Chinese Communists. Summary and Possible Further Topics

Summary of the work This summer I have looked into American missionaries’ experiences with Chinese Communists from 1948 to 1950, a period of mutual tolerant observations. I tried to find explanations for missionaries’ vacillations between pessimism and optimism which nevertheless could hardly escape from the fundamental sense of distrust. I was trying to look beyond […]

Incidental Language Acquisition Update 7

My last update summarized the summer portion of my research pretty well. After finishing the novels, the main question was how to format them, and in what format to distribute them to participants. I believe I will distribute them as physical books, to decrease the likelihood of participants looking up translations, or “skimming” them to […]