Zebra Finch Update 4

This week has been a continuation of last week’s progress where I have been reading literature to adjust my protocol as well as going through the data I have. As I mentioned, I have one clutch of 4 zebra finch chicks and I am measuring their weight as well as observing their behavior– such as […]

ALS Week 7 Update

Xingru Nicole Ma Model Picture 2

This week is the last week of my Monroe Summer Research!!! Since it is the last week of my research this summer, I decided to go over the molecular connections I learned and compile them into a preliminary Cell Designer Model. This way I can more quickly start from where I left off when I […]

Update on Cucumber and Pollination Experiment through 7/16/19


  Since my last update, the cucumbers have become large, flowering and fruit-producing plants. Unfortunately, since the last update, 15 of the plants died due to cucumber beetle damage. They were clipped from the roots out of their pots to prevent more larvae from hatching in the roots. There were 9 plants in plot one […]