Ask Me About USDA Hardiness Zones

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I’d ask if the cliffhanger was too much for you but I’m publishing this entry within the same hour I posted my last one, so I don’t think anyone’s going to be jiggling legs anxiously waiting for me to explain more of my research. Once I had about ten plant photos in my camera roll, […]

How to Survive Being Destroyed by Cactus Spines on a Daily Basis

Welcome back to the blog where I showcase my personality flaws while still hopefully managing to convey information about my research this summer. If you recall, I switched from doing intensive biological research to working on greenhouse outreach because it suited my interests and temperament much more. My project this summer consisted of compiling information […]

August Update: Looking Forward to the Fall Semester!

Hi! It’s the start of a new semester and I can’t wait to resume research!  When I left off this summer, I had synthesized a couple of compounds and tested them for activity. Since those were only qualitative tests, I still need to perform more rigorous, quantitative testing for actual overpotentials (which are important measures […]