Final Update: the Product and it’s Future

Well, this is it. This summer has been very fulfilling in terms of developing the basic framework for a Virtual CFO. I have created a basic outline for how to go about developing a secure, useful, and intuitive financial advisor. I will be presenting this outline at the Monroe Scholar Research Showcase along with the […]

Update 4: Cyber-security and Final Product

According to, “The assets managed by robo-investment services have risen significantly over the years to an estimated $50 billion. By some accounts, robo-advisors are expected to oversee $2 trillion in assets by 2020.” As we have concluded from earlier data collection in this research project, most users and clients appear to value trust and […]

Introduction to the Keck Lab

My summer research was centered in the Keck Lab and my first day was May 29th. My official project involved collecting Palaemonetes Pugio (grass shrimp) from various sites in Norfolk and Gloucester on the York, Lafayette, and Elizabeth Rivers. I would bring those samples back to the lab where I would compile data. However the […]