Update 1: Looking for the Memories of Native Americans

During the past two weeks, I was reviewing the secondary literature about the concept of blood among the so-called Five Civilized Tribes because of its close relationship with American Indians’ racial perception. However, in this process, I encountered an article written by Amanda Cobb-Greetham about Cherokee and Creek women’s memories of the Civil War in […]

Update 1: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

It has been a busy first few weeks of research, and I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made in my (newly revised) summer project! I started out the summer by attending the Society for Developmental Biology Regional meeting at UVA with some of my fellow lab members. There, I presented a poster along with […]

Construction of Place in Cádiz Update 1

Due to the place specific nature of my research, I have been in Cádiz, Spain for most of the summer so far. I have spent the past five weeks alternating between reading background material on space theory and the role of plazas in Hispanic cultures, and performing onsite observational research on the use of plazas in Cádiz. […]