Autonomy in Planetary Rovers


In this update, I focus on autonomous aspects of planetary rovers. Specifically, I’ve researched Martian rovers. This is because there are no other functioning rovers in the solar system. Importantly, note that Martian rovers face different environmental conditions and communication demands than rovers elsewhere would. For example, a lunar rover would need far less autonomy. […]

Update 3: Final Results and Reflection on the Research Process

The sequences have finally been fully edited, and the BLAST tool has been used to determine the organism that the sample likely came from. 2 different genes were sequences for each sample, and sometimes those 2 gene sequences returned different results, with one saying that the sample came from some organism and the other saying […]

My Interview with Broadway Legend: Christopher Gattelli

Yesterday morning, I conducted my final interview for my project with Christopher Gattelli, the choreographer of Newsies. He is by far the biggest name I was able to speak with, and I cannot imagine a better final interview. Christopher was truly inspirational in that he found inspiration and learning opportunities in everything around him. He […]