Abstract: Examining the Effects of Redistricting Policy in Williamsburg-James City County Middle Schools


This year, the Williamsburg-James City County school board passed a plan to redraw the districts that correspond to the county’s four middle schools in an effort to equalize socio-economic status across the districts. The vote on this issue was contentious for parents and school officials alike. As someone who works with WJCC students on a […]

The Soul of Ethiopia

Africa, a continent consisting of fifty-four recognized countries, has what a recent article in Atlantic Magazine calls “an image problem.” The article goes on to qualify this assertion with a transfer of blame; the African “image problem” is really a Western “perception problem” (John). The “perception problem” is two-fold. Firstly, Western portrayals of Africa are […]

The Impact of Percussion in a Special Education Setting

HELLO EVERYONE!  😀  My name is Samir Tawalare, I am a junior at the College of William & Mary majoring in history and secondary education, and I hope to earn a master’s degree in special education through our School of Education’s five-year master’s degree program.  This summer, implementing my Monroe project will allow me to combine two of my […]