Best of Wives and Best of Women- The End?

Just yesterday, after a bit of an emotional crisis at the fact that I could finally be finishing my research, I concluded my biography of Eliza Hamilton. Wow.   Hearing about my research, many of my friends and family have been asking about what I’ve learned, what has been most interesting to find out about […]

Downloading, Tidying, and Combining Data; ML Techniques

A good chunk of my recent research has been devoted to learning efficient ways to import data from the web. I initially attempted to write Python code to scrape data from the web and create a csv (comma separated value)  file. This was a quick method, but I wan’t able to preserve the data type […]

Final Summary

With both my Story Map and paper finished, my summer research has come to an end. The project has evolved a lot from what I originally proposed and had definitely been a good learning experience. Through my literature review, I learned a lot about the history and current research on community gardens. After doing my […]