Progress at the Pond

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made substantial progress on my research.  I spent a fair bit of time preparing instruments for the field. Over a number of days, I worked on calibrating the conductivity probe and depth probe which were installed in the retention pond.  Calibrating the conductivity probe involved making a number of […]

Laying the Foundations

I didn’t really introduce myself in the abstract, so hello! My name’s Aly, and I’m a classics and linguistics major. My project this summer is centered around the transitional period between the linguistic dominance of Etruscan and Latin in the region of Italy called Etruria. The Etruscans were the other major ethnic group in Italy […]

Update 1: Developing an Initial Understanding of the MINERvA Detector at Fermilab

Beginning my research project over the last three weeks has been a whirlwind of new experiences, some of which I had been excitedly awaiting, and others I hadn’t even been expecting. Organizing flights, lodging, and transportation to Batavia, Illinois in preparation for working at Fermilab only increased the buzz of prospect that I felt leading up to […]