Update 3 // In which the analysis produces results

Unlike in my last post, I actually have results to share! I ultimately ended up with fewer analytical conclusions than I’d hoped, because I just didn’t have much to compare. As anyone who’s been involved in reproductive health advocacy in this state would be unsurprised to hear, there just haven’t been that many bills passed […]

How Might Direct Democracy Affect Individual Liberties?

By 1977, Justice Brennan realized that the Supreme Court moving away from the ideals of the Warren Court, and that it was retracting some of its former protections on civil liberties. Justice Brennan also noticed that the states were beginning to interpret their own constitutions’ protections more broadly than the new federal standard, in an […]

Update 1: Trouble and Victor Jara

It’s been a few weeks since I started researching, and I am behind schedule (posting blogs) after a rocky start. I have been juggling this project with medical school applications and family matters. My original plan for this project was to conduct part of my research in Chile. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to […]