3rd update – Spanish Book History Website

Hello there again! I promised that I would post again once I was working on the final products of my project, the website and the paper. The website is basically finished. It has taken me basically the entire week to finish it, apart from a day at the Library of Congress. My goal is to […]

Checking in on the Chaplaincy: Update #3

I can’t believe there’s only one more week left of my research on the military chaplaincy! This research got it’s start last fall, when I was taking a class on religion and war in America, and the intersections of church and state. I started wondering how religious chaplains fared in secular environments, and that question […]

Second Update: Gathering Market Data and Writing/Debugging Computer Program

  The reason for my rather long blogging hiatus is that I was taking two English courses in Cambridge, UK at Christ’s College. In my last blog post I said I collected press statements released by the Federal Reserve between the years 2001-2008, which I would like to correct to the years 2000-2008. It was […]