Update # 2: The Surveys Continue

Since my last blog post, I have completed my survey of iPhone apps and moved on to examining various websites designed to assist in the learning of the Latin language. Before I talk about my experience with searching through websites, I will give a brief summary of the overall trends and patterns I found in […]

Patterns in Interviews

The past two weeks have been filled with interviews for me. Of the twelve I have scheduled, I have completed seven so far, and will be conducting three more next week. I have genuinely enjoyed having these conversations with students and administrators alike. In regards to my question of the differences in their perceptions of […]

2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go

  While my research obviously stretches to the full 7 weeks, the heart of the research is in these first four weeks in Pamplona, Spain where I am collecting my data. After arriving June 1st, I immediately started work at the Archivo Diocesano de Pamplona (ADP) the next day. It was definitely something of a […]