Wrapping Things Up

The end of this research is in sight! Woohoo! I’ve really enjoyed working on my paper this summer, but it is so exciting to be putting the finishing touches on my research paper and to actually see all of the hard work starting to pay off. The final product of this summer’s research is not […]

One Giant Step Done!!!

As of about five minutes ago, I finished the most tedious part of my project: transcribing my interviews. I heard somewhere that it takes about ten minutes to transcribe one minute of speech, and that number was definitely not far off. I thought transcribing two slightly-under-an-hour interviews would be easy; I was very, very wrong. […]

Operationalizing Political Knowledge

In political science, we often rely on self-reported survey data┬áto operationalize many variables, common examples including political ideology and partisanship. Self-report data is not perfect (it is essentially using a participant’s impression of themself, or the impression they want to share, as a proxy for what they actually think), but it is usually sufficient for […]