Update 1 | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

I am taking a strong critical feminist viewpoint of illegal abortion in Argentina, so, therefore, I chose to start my research with a survey of feminist literature on the topics of abortion and reproductive rights. I really wanted to create a foundation from the feminist theory on which I will be able to build my […]

Teen Pregnancy and Education

Hey Everyone! The most exciting news that I have to share today is that I finally got some substantial responses to my school-based clinic survey! I am so excited to hear from people and thrilled that they took the time to share some information with me. Getting information from people working in clinics makes the […]

Update 1: The multicultural science museum: Inclusivity and accessibility

As of today I am four weeks into my internship. My role is essentially to assess/audit the current inclusivity and accessibility efforts, programs, and structures at the museum. Inclusivity and accessibility are complex and multifaceted concepts: ultimately, they¬†entail¬†attempting to account for and understand every aspect of human experience and identity . Pretty simple, right? I […]