Abstract: The Impact of Government Negotiations and Incentive Packages on World Cup Host Locations

I will be looking into government negotiations to be awarded World Cups. A lot is known about how non-state actors/corporations conduct negotiations for foreign investment deals, but much less is known about how sports entities conduct similar negotiations, which are likely unique due to the fact that these sports entities don’t provide a hard asset, such […]

Abstract: An Assessment of Demand for an Extension of the Virginia Capital Trail

This summer, I will be conducting a survey to determine demand for extending the Virginia Capital Trail, which currently runs from Richmond to Jamestown. As of now, there is no safe or biker friendly way to get to the Capital Trail from Williamsburg. I will start by assessing best possible routes from Jamestown to Williamsburg, taking […]

Abstract: Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Storm Water Ponds

My project will investigate greenhouse gas emissions from man-made storm water ponds in the Williamsburg area.  Given the imminent concern of climate change, it is important to quantify and locate sources of greenhouse gas emissions involved in warming. Previous research has shown that lakes, ponds, wetlands, and reservoirs contribute to a significant amount of global […]