Final Summary – The Concessions Dilemma

Over the past couple months this project has taken many turns and twists as it transitioned from an analysis of concessions to a deep dive into the structural problem I call the concessions dilemma. This essay on the dangers of success hopes to bring an added dimension to current discussions on concessions based development and […]

Home Stretch


The last 3 days I have barely left my apartment. My room is a mess and I’m addicted to Mocha Latte Granola (yes it’s a real thing, and yes, Food Lion carries it). But it’s been worth it. Today I finished my StoryMap, complete with video and audio that actually plays. It is linked with […]

A Summary of My Summer Project

Abstract This research will examine one aspect of how residential segregation affects healthcare in the City of Chicago by focusing specifically on first response times. It seeks to answer the question of whether differences in response times across the city are associated with the racial makeup of a particular area of the city. Where previous […]