Abstract: The Interaction Between Sport and Politics in American History

In 1970, the USC Trojans traveled to Alabama to play the Alabama Crimson Tide in college football. This historic game would result in an overwhelming victory for USC, but the significance was greater than this. Unlike USC, Alabama’s team did not include a single African-American. The image of USC’s black backfield scoring time and time […]

Abstract: Big Otter River Restoration

My summer project will be the research and then implementation of stream restoration. Streams all around the world currently have problems with pollution, shore degradation, and problems with flow. All of these have effects on the biodiversity of streams, flooding, and recreation. I will be conducting my research on the Big Otter River in Bedford, […]

The Relationship between Latin and Etruscan during the Late Roman Republic

The Etruscans were a powerful group in the Italian peninsula before the Latin tribes became dominant and the Roman state was created. They had contacts throughout the Mediterranean, especially with the Phoenicians and Greeks, long before the height of the Roman Empire. As the Latins conquered and assimilated the Etruscans, people began to shift from […]