Gender in SF: A Summary

I am finishing up my paper and drawing my final conclusions. In my paper, I decided to take out Woman on the Edge of Time. It was just the kind of book I was looking for – a utopian society that uses gender-neutral pronouns. But when I really started digging, there just wasn’t enough. Mattaposett is […]

Update 2: Where the Writing Stands

Both short stories I’ve been working on have been coming along nicely, and frankly developed into longer and more involved pieces than I first anticipated. As a result, I think I am going to extend and explore these two stories rather than adding a third story to the mix. Here’s a breakdown of what I […]

In Which Priorities (And Projects) Change

The wonderful thing about research is that it so rarely goes as planned. This has been an extremely productive summer. All of it has been filled with important and relevant chemistry. Some of it has been mass spectrometry work. None of it has been related to Goniondomin A. So let’s talk about why. It turns […]