Abstract: Refrigerators for Economic Development

Approximately 600 million people in Africa today live without electricity. At current electrification rates, as many as 500 million people within Sub-Saharan Africa will remain un-electrified by 2030. Given that the world’s most persistent strands of extreme poverty also reside within this region, it’s no surprise that energy poverty is a major barrier to social […]

Synthesizing Pyrrolodiketopiperazines and Related Derivatives

Abstract: Studying and correcting for helicity-correlated false asymmetries in the CREx experiment at Jefferson Lab

My research this summer will be the beginning of my work for my honors thesis in physics with Dr. David Armstrong. Specifically, I will be working on data collection and analysis for the CREx and the closely related PREx experiment at Jefferson Lab in Newport News. The goal of CREx will be to determine the size […]