Final Reflection: Akhmad Kadyrov, Murderer and Martyr

When I began this project, sitting in the Library of Congress, I thought I was doing something very different. I believed I would be looking broadly at how the history of the Chechen Wars is told in Russia through the lens of about five key figures. I quickly realized I would be narrowing my scope, […]

Update 3: Theoretical Framing for Kadyrov Bridge

Upon arriving back in the States, I dug deep into the theoretical framework through which I hoped to understand my bridge. I found the toponymic work of Reuben Rose-Redwood et al. and began to use it to interpret what I found. The discrepancy between the state memory and unofficial memory of Akhmad Kadyrov was what […]

Analysis of Cloud Seeding Compounds

The most common clouding seeding compound used in the Wasatch Mountains is silver iodide (AgI). The goal of my project is to determine the degree of accumulation of these analytes in high mountain lakes. To determine the concentration of this substance in my samples, I will be using atomic absorption spectroscopy to test for the […]