Connections between Impressionist Paintings and Debussy

There have been many approaches to support the notion that Claude Debussy is an Impressionist composer. In this paper I will look at Debussy’s solo piano works exclusively and connect their similarities to Impressionist paintings and painters. I will do so by drawing parallels in Debussy’s compositional style and method to the Impressionist painting defining […]

Abstract: The Effect of Facebook on Political Attitudes

There are a variety a ways in which Facebook users can and often do express political opinions for all their online connections to see. This research is part of a continued investigation into the politically relevant effects these posts have on the individuals viewing them. Does viewing political content on Facebook increase individual partisan polarization? […]

Abstract: Hegemonic Whiteness, Left Impotence

Kyriarchy, i.e. a┬ásocial system which relies on hierarchical relationships of domination, oppression, and submission, and which denotes the assemblage resulting from patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, anthropocentrism, cisheternormativity, and colonialism, relies on its hegemony in social relations. Linguistic, cultural, and social capital are constructed in ways that reflect perpetual conflict between dominant and oppressed classes. While […]