Sleep Wake Cycles update 6

This last week I mostly played around with adding different kind of currents from the locus coeruleus. This process was incredibly slow, since each run took around 10 minutes. So, I spent a few days last week trying to profile my code, line and by line, to look for inefficiencies. Unfortunately, what was taking the […]

Blog 3

This week I had the opportunity to see exhibitions at the Tate Modern and Serpentine Galleries in London. At the Tate I was exposed to works by Rebecca Horn, whose experience of being bed-bound for a year following a lung injury led her to create works exploring loneliness and restraint as located on the body. […]

Vermont Continued (Week 4)

Fact 4: The number 14 is significant to Vermont. Vermont was the 14th state admitted to the Union after spending 14 years as an independent republic. This week has been interesting. Many of the resources I initally anticipated using I didn’t find all that useful. I looked at a couple of journals I found from […]