NLP & Özil: Updates on case selection and research design

In the first step of my Monroe summer research, I discussed case selection and research design with a professor. I also started writing code and ran it on a small sample of articles. This pilot helped me figure out how to clean and process my data. It also helped me brush up on relevant data structures […]

Abstract: No morality? No problem.

Objective moral truths do not exist. As far as I’m concerned this was proved by J.L Mackie in the 1970s when he introduced error theory. However, in the last forty years, the evidence for moral skepticism has grown. Evolutionary debunking arguments aims to criticize belief in moral realism from a scientifically skeptical angle. Great work has […]

Abstract: Modeling Neuronal Activity using systems of ordinary differential Equations and the Hodgkin Huxley Equations

Within the brainstem, there are two groups of cells that control sleep-wake cycles: sleep-active and wake-active cells. In infancy, mammals such as rats randomly switch in between bouts of sleep and wakefulness. During sleep bouts, the sleep population is active and inhibits the wake population. Due to a random fluctuation, wake-active cells can become active […]