Williamsburg becoming a cycling friendly community

vct ext map

After four months of studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain, ranked Europe’s 10th best city for cycling, I was feeling very inspired to bring this attitude of bike friendliness back to my college town of Williamsburg, Virginia. While I was gone, there had been many developments in the Williamsburg area and surrounding counties, including approval for a […]

How my website is progressing

Going into my project, I knew creating a website with no prior experience was going to be challenging and certainly has been.  I knew there would be a lot of aspects involved, but I did not understand how time-consuming it would be to create each individual aspect.  To see how my changes on the admin […]

Going Swimmingly

So far my Monroe project has been going swimmingly!  I’ve read a series of books talking about what we know today about cosmology, which has given me a much deeper understanding of the relationship between theoretical and experimental physics.  It’s also given me quite a lot to think about on a philosophical level. For example, […]