Abstract: Experimental Evaluation of Evolutionary Pressures on Prion Competition

My Upperclassman Monroe project has a broad, clinical application and will be the beginning of my research for the next two years with my PI, Dr. Helen Murphy. My research involves working with prion strains in a yeast model to better understand the evolutionary pressures that can dictate the variation in disease aggressiveness across patients. […]

Abstract: Original EP

My project is rather straightforward: I will be creating an EP of 5-7 original songs. This process begins with the writing and arranging of original music, and culminates in the recording and production of each song. The end product will be an EP released on Spotify and via CD. The songs themselves are primarily centered […]

Abstract: Ocean Acidification and Warming on Gene Expression of Key Genes in Reef-Building Coral

Acropora millepora is one of many kinds of staghorn corals, which are corals that are crucial to the structural integrity of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean. Because of this crucial role, it is vital to understand how ocean acidification and ocean warming, both consequences of global climate change, affects these corals. For this project, […]