Documenting the Active-Stative System of Koasati: Abstract

Most languages mark the subject and object of a verb uniformly across the language; for example, in English, a third person singular subject always requires the suffix /-s/ in the present tense (e.g. “He runs,” “it falls”).  Active-stative languages (alternatively called “split intransitive” or just “active”), on the other hand, mark their subjects and objects […]

Project Summary

Chronology I will start with a brief overview of my project. I started out Spring Semester 2016 with filing my paperwork and submitting an IRB based off of the MANOS IRB but specific to my project. Upon approval, I began talking with my advisor as well as Professor Maliniak, whose Spatial Analysis class alongside MANOS […]

In Which I Use My Funds (Productively and Proactively!)

Aside from covering my rent and groceries this summer, I initially set aside money for travel and expenses that would be involved in finding and compensating people to interview. Since that didn’t happen (see my last post), I used a large chunk of that funding for something of similar value and utility to my goals: […]