Analyzing Last Interview (Update 5)

I was able to complete three interviews in the past two months, which I find satisfactory for this pilot research project. That being said, the third interview I analyzed was the last. Soon, I’ll start trying to compile the themes I found in all three interviews into one cohesive analysis. But for now, I’ll discuss […]

Bioprinter Summary

Overall I would consider this summer a huge success! With the extensive help of the Small Maker Space I was able to complete the construction of the bioprinter. While I started out by following the design described by a paper from ODU, I ran into several complications including motors not working, and a power supply […]

Bioprinter Update 7

This was the last week of the summer, and it was spent wrapping up things in lab and getting ready for the school year. I finished a write up of the printer detailing how mine differs from the paper that I followed, what problems I encountered while constructing the printer, and how those problems were […]