Blog Post #5: Art as a Tool of Enviro Education — Final Reflections

Final Monroe Blog Post I went into this summer with an idealistic (and completely unrealistic) perception of how much I could accomplish in seven weeks of work. At one point, I planned to (1) design, propose, apply for funding for, and create a piece of public art, (2) pitch, research, and write an article on […]

Chinese Development in Africa: Post Three

For this post, I would like to discuss the process I went through to put together my data and what I was hoping to do had there been time. I had downloaded DHS data recoded for births. This data has separate survey responses from the women interviewed for every child ever born to them. I […]

From the Southern Ocean to My Spreadsheet

The Palmer Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research (PAL LTER) cruises are crazy busy! The study area is organized into lines of sampling stations every 100 nautical miles down the Western Antarctic Peninsula. No matter the day or time when the ARSV Laurence M. Gould reaches the next station, it is time to collect data. I […]