Conclusions to a Very Productive Summer!

The end of my summer was spent writing and editing my paper on the characterization of Tweety genes during embryonic development. Writing a scientific paper that will be submitted to an academic journal is extremely lengthy process. Not only did I need to concisely present all of the data that I had collected for my […]

Preliminary Results and Too Much Photoshop

Imaging and sectioning dozens of embryos from stages 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 has given me a good idea of the general expression pattern of this gene family, and the results are pretty interesting! With this, I have started constructing an epxression profile for the paper and started photophoppig all of the images into […]

More In Situs of Tweety

To continue with the final data analysis for the Tweety paper, I needed to finish up with some final in situ hybridization experiments, histological sectioning, and imaging. In situ hybridization experiments involve creating an mRNA probe that is complementary to a 1 kilobase region of our gene of interest, in our case Tweety homolog 1, […]