Musical Composition—Project Summary

The 3 pieces are finished and turned in, and look like this: One solo piano piece in C minor, One solo piano piece in E major, And one piece for piano and violin in G The MIDI playback on Finale (my music-writing program) is surprisingly good, so for a basic recording for my presentation I […]

Music Composition—Post 2

In my attempt to create pieces that don’t lose sight of the melody as the principal element, I’ve found the 19th century programme vs. absolute music debate to be interesting.  Basically, it’s the debate over whether music should actively evoke a specific scenario/idea as chosen by the composer (programme music) or whether it should exist […]

Part II

Moved from Life kept moving after the Rhode Island trip. I was thrilled with the progress I was able to make in a short time interviewing experts in Rhode Island. My time there allowed me to narrow my focus to Providence and Central Falls: the two districts with the greatest proportion of schools in […]