Post 2 – My Own Experiences in 2011

I’ve been wanting to perform a study like this for a long time—for almost four years now, actually. After my senior year in high school, I spent around five months in Egypt living with a host family and performing volunteer work for an Egyptian charity connected with the Boy Scouts. I’d originally hoped to spend […]

Post 1 – Overview and Background

I’m using a strategy that seemed to work last time; I’m breaking up my blog posts into 4 rough sections, along with a cap post at the end to give a better sense of where I intend to head with the research. Each will showcase a different facet of the work I’ve been doing all […]

Weeks 3 and 4

I’m still at it! Week 3 of my project consisted of completing my literature review as well as determining the structure of the creative manuscript that will accompany my final paper. As far as structure goes, I’ve decided that the creative manuscript will consist of 10 to 12 poems and creative non-fiction entries that were […]