Wow, what a whirlwind of a summer

My project has near its end, and I cannot express in words what I have learned through it. Beyond the logistics of learning to film video footage (and edit it later), I gained an appreciation for history and also historical interpretation. Each battlefield that I visited preserves its heritage in slightly different ways. Gettysburg is […]


The results of my research have been reviewed in detail in my previous posts, but there are two major outcomes of my work so far: 1. The ISHs that I completed this summer confirmed my previous results : perturbing Notch signaling dramatically effects expression of neural genes in early neural tube-tailbud stages, but these differences […]

Real time PCR

While the results of my in situs are very fascinating, it is also important to quantify relative levels of gene expression in embryos that have been injected with my Notch constructs. Thus, another major project that I undertook this summer was getting started with semi-quantitative real time PCR (polymerase chain reaction), also called qPCR. qPCR […]