Final Post

Some of our male zebra finches

This summer I was able to finish running my trials on all “lifetime treatment birds”. These birds have been in one treatment group their whole life. The data for this will be part of a larger study that will be testing lifetime birds on a total of three cognitive tests. My test focuses on inhibitory […]

Post #3: The bigger picture

I wanted to use this blog post to explain why my current and future study is important and how it will fit into our understanding of mercury as a neurotoxin, the effects of stress on development, and the current scientific literature. I will be referring to other scientist’s research heavily in this post so that […]

Post #2: Reflections on Lab Work

While much of my time this summer was focused on running my trials, there were many other tasks in which I was able to participate within our lab.  I think that one of the most beneficial parts of being a part of undergraduate research is that you often are able to partake in and learn […]