Eye-tracking time


It’s still technically summer, I can still post here, right? My experiment relies on knowing how long people spend on each word when they read a sentence. One way of doing this is with self-paced reading, where participants are presented with screens that show sentences like this: Since participants hit a keyboard button to advance […]

A paradigm shift

It’s time for a change. My original plan for this linguistics experiment was to use sentences about animals, because animal nouns have no inherent gender, but in practice we assign animals genders all the time, like in “that squirrelĀ lucked out, he almost got eaten by that dog” (a quote from actual, unprompted speech… thanks Jack). […]

Abstract: let’s look at how humans understand language

Hello Monroe. I’m working with Professor Dan Parker on some psycholinguistics this summer. We’re using an ACT-R model to look at what happens in the human brain when someone understands a sentence. As you hear a sentence, you have to figure out the relationships between words, and figure out connections between things like subjects and […]