Final Update: European Political Polarization

As I put my final touches on my research report, I want to pause and trace the route it took to here. Summer of 2015, I participated in the William & Mary DC Summer Institute Program, where I took a course focused on American political polarization taught by Professor Rapaport. ┬áSince then, I have phenomenon […]

Update 3: European Political Polarization – Globalization

Real Income Growth 1988-2008 by Percentile

Hey everyone, It’s been a busy two weeks for me! After my return, I’ve been dedicated to the task of transcribing the audio recordings of the interviews I conducted while abroad. In my final paper, I will be anonymously citing the words of the subject matter experts I interviewed (in keeping with the IRB requirements). […]

Update 2: European Political Polarization

Well, I’m back! 6 days in Dublin, 7 in London, 6 in Paris, 6 days in Berlin, an extra day in Dublin (my flight was a round trip from Dublin), and the travelling is over. During my trip, I met with 15 professors from Dublin City University, University College Dublin, King’s College London, Sciences Po, […]