Week 3

This week I have been repeating trials on the pyrrole condensation reaction of the ketal aldol product I made last week. I’ve done this reaction before, in the spring, so the goal now is to increase yields. However, I have not been able to increase yields- in fact, they have gone down. On Monday, I […]

Week 2

In my second week, I worked on continuing the reactions I started in the first week. The first reaction that I ran was the aldol condensation of the reduced product that I made last week. I completed this reaction using cesium carbonate and dimethylformamide. This reaction was pretty straightforward, though I did not get a […]

Week 1

In my first week of research, I focused on getting into a routine and solidifying my plan for the first few weeks. My project is focused on the synthesis of pyrrolodiketopiperazines, which are ring structures that have a plethora of medicinal applications. My lab partner and I have successfully synthesized two different types of pyrrolodiketopiperazines, […]