Bioprinter Update 2


After demonstrating that I could in fact print viable cells through my printer, I wanted to see at what point I was starting to kill my cells. Being forced through a very narrow chamber induces all types of mechanical stress on the cell, specifically shear stress. However, literature shows that using a glass microcapillary as […]

Bioprinter Update 1

Picture of my first print using cells!

After several minor hiccups in the construction stage, I am happy to say that my printer is fully operational! A few weeks ago the power supply shorted out, and I had to do some slight improvisation as I didn’t particularly want to buy a new supply unit. The only components of my printer that are […]

Building a Bioprinter

Bioprinting has recently emerged as an innovative way to create 3D cell cultures, which can be used in the laboratory for numerous applications, ranging from disease processing to drug delivery. Commercially available bioprinters can cost over 200,000 dollars – an extravagant price for an undergraduate university such as William and Mary. Over the past year […]