Analysis of Cloud Seeding Compounds

The most common clouding seeding compound used in the Wasatch Mountains is silver iodide (AgI). The goal of my project is to determine the degree of accumulation of these analytes in high mountain lakes. To determine the concentration of this substance in my samples, I will be using atomic absorption spectroscopy to test for the […]

Water Sample Collection


I have finally completed collecting water samples from high-alpine lakes in the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, UT. In total, I have collected 16 samples from, each from a different lake. Many were located in and around ski resorts, and accessing them was a fairly straightforward day hike of approximately 5 miles. However, using google […]

Abstract: The Efficacy and Impacts of Cloud Seeding in Ski Industry

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification which attempts to increase cloud formation and precipitation over a given target area. This is accomplished through the dispersal of aerosol particles which can then serve as nuclei for ice crystals. While the principle of cloud seeding has been around since the 1940’s, research into its effectiveness […]