Final Update: Cloud Seeding in the Wasatch Mountains

After completing my analysis, I found that 13 of the 15 samples had concentrations below the limit of detection (LoD) of the FAAS instrument which is approximately 1 ppb. While this is great news for the environment, I had initially hoped to correlate concentrations of silver to distance from a cloud seeding generator, but with […]

Analysis of Silver Ions Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy


This past Friday, I was finally able to use the Atomic Absorption instrument following delays due to the hurricane. To determine the quantity of ions in my samples collected from high-alpine lakes, I first constructed a Beer’s Law calibration curve. I was unsure where my concentrations would lie so my initial curve consisted of 0.1 […]

Analysis of Cloud Seeding Compounds

The most common clouding seeding compound used in the Wasatch Mountains is silver iodide (AgI). The goal of my project is to determine the degree of accumulation of these analytes in high mountain lakes. To determine the concentration of this substance in my samples, I will be using atomic absorption spectroscopy to test for the […]