Final Thoughts

This summer of research, much like last year, has had many successes and failures. I have learned to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and have developed enough experience to be able to troubleshoot many of the issues that arose. This was a summer full of experience and learning, and I will use what I have learned […]

Research Update 3 – The Nature of Research

Scientific research┬ástrikes a delicate balance between collaboration and competition. The phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants”, popularized by Isaac Newton, illuminates just how central collaboration between scientists (even between generations!) is to┬áthe advancement of modern discoveries. Only through teamwork between specialists may significant progress be made. However, research has an intensely competitive aspect as […]

Research Update 2 – Slow Progress


Much like last summer, the last 5 weeks of research have been full of successes and failures. It is easy to become frustrated when the results we want are difficult to obtain, but I have learned that the only way to overcome obstacles is to adapt to the situation at hand. By changing the manner […]