Final Post: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

This summer, I worked on a project involving cloning three different genes that seem to be involved in the wound healing process in frog embryos. RNA sequencing results from a former lab member’s experiments with wounded embryos produced a long list of differentially expressed genes, some of which have not been studied in much detail. […]

Update 3: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

I am currently in my last week of research for the summer, trying to finish my examination of the three genes I’ve been working with. As I write this blog, I am running a third in situ hybridization with all of these genes: hdac7, psme3, and c9. The hdac7 probe I used worked in the […]

Update 2: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

In the weeks since my last post, I have encountered some issues in the lab as well as some exciting successes. I performed another in situ hybridization with my hdac7 gene along with another gene, psme3. The probe I made for hdac7 worked well and I was able to see a definite signal in the […]