Update 2: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

In the weeks since my last post, I have encountered some issues in the lab as well as some exciting successes. I performed another in situ hybridization with my hdac7 gene along with another gene, psme3. The probe I made for hdac7 worked well and I was able to see a definite signal in the […]

Update 1: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

It has been a busy first few weeks of research, and I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made in my (newly revised) summer project! I started out the summer by attending the Society for Developmental Biology Regional meeting at UVA with some of my fellow lab members. There, I presented a poster along with […]

Wound Healing in Neural Cells: Abstract Update

As my work in the lab the past semester has taught me, science is unpredictable, and complications arise all the time that alter the course of research plans. During my summer project, I┬áhad planned to work with mouse embryonic stem cells to create cerebral organoid models of brain cells, and then use these models to […]