Update 2: Knowing When to Ask for Help

As my sixth week comes to an end, the amount of mental fortitude needed to be a successful researcher truly stands out to me. I sent a draft of my nearly completed paper to my adviser a couple weeks ago, and implementing her suggested revisions has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever […]

Week 2

Research is most certainly an exercise in mental endurance—my first two weeks have centered around reading seemingly countless scholarly articles and books. The most frustrating part is spending hours searching for relevant material just to later find out that the source really isn’t as helpful as you first thought. However, gaining background on my topic […]

Gender-focused Interest Groups’ Intersectionality & the Democratic Party Platform’s Increased Gender Progressivity

The transition from Second to Third Wave Feminism hinges upon a key ideological difference within feminist activism: intersectionality. This pivot offers a rich point of analysis from which to evaluate the political value of feminist ideology. I hypothesize that gender-focused interest groups are uniquely positioned to mobilize a significant number of voters when evaluated in […]