The Economics of Choosing and Changing Undergraduate Majors – Summer Summary

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Summer Summary I began the summer hoping to research the economics of undergraduate major decisions, make and administer a pre-survey, create a larger survey and build the sample for it, and then administer this to students at William & Mary.  I did not accomplish everything I set out to do, but I was able to […]

The Economics of Choosing and Changing College Majors – Third Update

  Progress Report In this blog post, I will discuss how I will be gathering the sample for my final survey. I had originally intended to select my population and administer my survey much earlier.  Unfortunately, I was waiting (and waiting) on IRB approval.  The chair of this process switched and I did not hear […]

The Economics of Choosing and Changing College Majors – Second Update

  After over 160 hours of work, I’ve learned research takes a whole lot longer than you plan it to, Pokemon Go breaks increase productivity exponentially, and every time you move a project a foot forward, ten new ideas pop up. The last few weeks I have gathered sample populations, drafted and administered a preliminary […]