Update 3: An informative overview of orexin’s role in cognition


Back with another update! I’ll finish up the last set of drug infusions the first couple weeks of September, since I wasn’t able to finish them during my time on campus over the summer. I’ll also start learning how to use the data analysis software. Since there isn’t anything huge to add on my research progress, […]

Update 2: Slow and Steady…

Progress has been pretty slow the past couple of weeks. I finished infusions on another set of 2 rats, as well as compiled their data. However, given my move-out date is August 4th, I won’t be able to finish infusions on the next set of 2 rats until I get back on campus in the […]

Update 1: Learning New Procedures and Beginning Testing

It’s been almost a month since I started my project, so this update is going to be a long one! When I came back to campus in June, I realized I wouldn’t be able to start my project until the rats in my group re-established their baseline performance following surgery. So, during those first couple […]