An evolving project

I believe most researchers in any given field, sciences, social sciences and humanities alike, acknowledge that well-executed research must be founded on a well-defined question. Without a clear goal in mind, research becomes miss-directed and vague. This is the problem I experienced from the inception of this adventure; I had a general sense of what […]

reflections upon Spain

La policía de España representan un uso de las armas de fuego en España. Todos tipos de la policía incluyendo la policía nacional y local y la guardia civil llevan una arma. Sin embargo, es un ley que no pueden usarla excepto en casos que peligran la vida de la policía o de personas tercias. […]

On the origins of firearms culture and the divergance of firearm law within the Western tradition

If one had to cite the underlying philosophical explanation for the Second Amendment, the reasonable source would probably be in Enlightenment philosophy: the growing sense of the individual, along with a growing belief in his expanded role in government and expanded civil liberties led the founding fathers to protect the American right to take up […]