Thinking Outside of the Screen: evolving a more natural & intelligent mass-media machine

In this update, I want to break down the ways in which the human organism is an intelligent agent made of specialized biological devices that are limited but still incredibly powerful. I want to then parallel this with the idea that we create our digital devices in a way that mimics ourselves, in which innovation […]

Update #1: Man and Machine

I’ve recently come into possession of a developer’s edition of the Microsoft HoloLens, an Augmented Reality headset that serves as a fully functional untethered Windows 10 computer. This is one of the leading devices in the Augmented Reality space, and using it is truly an eye-opening experience that I hope to share with the community […]

Abstract: Augmenting Human Capabilities With Augmented Reality


Abstract: Hi all, My summer research project aims at investigating human-computer interaction and how recent developments in Augmented Reality (AR) devices have the ability to revolutionize the way we work, play, and socialize with each other. I will also investigate the disruptive potential they have for traditional personal computing and manufacturing tools. I’ll have to […]