Final Summary: Investigation of the Effects of Medicaid Expansion or Lack Thereof on Free Clinic Demand

This project had its ups and downs, the downs including trouble obtaining data I needed, the ups including the incredible interactions I had with free clinic patients and how much I learned from them. Overall, this was an incredibly rewarding project for me, but one that paints the picture of the dire state of health […]

Update #3: Findings from Survey Data of Patient Interviews at the Wise, VA Remote Area Medical Clinic

After some analysis of the data I collected from interviewing patients at the Wise, VA Remote Area Medical clinic, some interesting trends were apparent. A great number of the patients I interviewed reported that outside of the RAM clinic, the only health care they receive comes from other free clinics or sliding-scale fee clinics that […]

Update #2: Impressions After Patient Interviews at the Wise, VA Remote Area Medical Clinic

I recently traveled to the Remote Area Medical free clinic in Wise, VA, a tiny town near the border with Kentucky, to volunteer as I have for the past two years. The clinic, lasting for about three days, takes place at the Wise County Fairgrounds and offers free medical, dental, and vision care to underserved […]