The Final Weeks

FInally, I am ready to sit down and finalize my paper. Throughout the summer, I kept a notebook (coincidentally, green similar to the travel guide) with my notes, citations, and personal reflections. I am glad that I kept such meticulous notes because it makes the final stage that much easier. I look forward to presenting […]

Green Book Entry 2: July 21st- August 6th

July 21st-August 6th After my trip to DC, I spent the next few days researching in Swem and trying to find articles that supported my ideas. At the time, I only had vague notions of what I was looking for. The wealth of information had almost become a burden and made the project more difficult […]

The Green Book Initial Research: June 25th-July 20th

Hello, I apologize for the delay in my blog entries. I prepared the entries throughout the weeks, however it was difficult to finalize and post during the course of my travels and research. As a result, this post will be a bit lengthier than others. However, I am excited to share with everyone the progress […]