Summary: In Case You Didn’t Hear

This summer I have worked on a research project with the aim to develop a method to consistently damage zebra finch hearing.  This is a short term goal for the larger project of assessing whether removing SARM 1 (Sterile Alpha and TIR Motif Containing Protein 1) will prevent hearing loss or promote healing.  SARM 1 is a […]

Third Update: More Noise

Since the last post I have performed several more experiments at increasing dB level and increasing length of exposure to the noise.  Most recently I have tested 4 birds with a noise event of broadband noise at a dB level between 115 and 120dB and 4 birds with a noise event of a pure tone […]

Progressing Toward Hearing Loss

105 106 Intensity Data

At this point (week 6), I have successfully moved into ISC, have completed a pair of experiments, and just this past week begun another two. The completed pair consists of 4 birds that all received 1 hour of noise at approximately 110dB.  [This is different than described in my previous post.]  Looking at the data […]