Update 2: In-Country Research

I arrived in Israel last week. After a month of background research, I was ready to start conducting some of my interviews with members of the Ethiopian community to get first-hand accounts of their immigration process. However, I ran into some frustrating difficulties at first. Before travelling, I reached out to my Israeli relatives to […]

Update 1: Beta Israel Background and Preparing to Travel

Background For the first three weeks of my research, I have spent time doing background research on the Beta Israel and their lives in Ethiopia, along with the events that led up to their immigration to Israel. Understanding their lives in Ethiopia has given me a greater appreciation and understanding of how drastically their lives […]

Abstract: Beta Israel

Since its inception in 1948, Israel has been a self-proclaimed haven for Jews around the world. In 1991 the Israeli government declared that Ethiopian Jews facing persecution, otherwise known as the “Beta Israel” had the right of return (the right of any Jew to return to Israel) and therefore pioneered a rescue mission to bring […]