Third Update: Final Thoughts

Seeing my research come to an end is bittersweet. This project has reinforced my previous feelings about research: it always takes longer than you expect. I have enjoyed keeping up with my Python knowledge from computer science and Economics jargon. The computer program was by far the part of my program that took the longest […]

Second Update: Gathering Market Data and Writing/Debugging Computer Program

  The reason for my rather long blogging hiatus is that I was taking two English courses in Cambridge, UK at Christ’s College. In my last blog post I said I collected press statements released by the Federal Reserve between the years 2001-2008, which I would like to correct to the years 2000-2008. It was […]

First Update: Gathering Documents and Researching Language Analysis

Going into this project, I knew that the majority of my seven weeks would be spent writing the computer program that would analyze the Federal Reserve and Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) press statements, the Fed Chairman’s speeches to Congress, and articles written by major media about the Fed’s policies. As such, I decided to […]