Let’s Talk about GDP

I titled this post, my paper, and my video “Let’s Talk about GDP” because that statement pretty well summarizes the conclusions of my research.  The goal of my project was to synthesize existing discourse on GDP and alternatives to GDP.  I feel like I have generally accomplished my goal, and through the process realized that […]

Trying to Pull it all Together

Since my last post, I started working on the final products for my research.  I now have a draft of my paper, which I am in the process of revising.  I also have the beginnings of a short video about GDP and its alternatives.  Both of these products have been difficult in their own ways. […]

A Maze of Acronyms and a Profound Dilemma


A Maze of Acronyms GPI, SEDA, SPI, HPI, HDI, LPI, ERHNI, SNI, ANS, ISEW, GNH, SSI, RCI, MEW, SEEA….Who knew there were so many proposals for alternatives (and supplements) to GDP?  Here they are written out: Genuine Progress Indicator Sustainable Economic Development Assessment Social Progress Index Happy Planet Index Human Development Index Legatum Prosperity Index […]