Update 2: Arete and its Memorialization Through Athletics


The next stage of my research has brought me to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where I got the chance to see many other ancient Greek vases and sculptures from both the Archaic Period and the Classical Period. From my first trip to the Getty Villa, it became evident that ancient depictions of […]

Update 1: Arete and its Memorialization Through Athletics


About two weeks ago, I traveled to California to visit the Getty Villa, one of the premier collections of antiquities that I hope to observe this summer. I was able to meet with the head curator of the Getty Villa, Dr. Claire Lyons, and walk the galleries with Dr. David Saunders, a senior curator at […]

Arete and its Memorialization Through Athletics

The word “arete” (Greek: ἀρετή) represents a deep philosophical concept that was known to ancient Greeks as essentially “moral excellence.” This philosophical term has been mentioned in the works of Homer as well as by the later thinkers Plato and Aristotle and can be also loosely translated to “reaching one’s fullest potential.” The term has […]