Final Post

I’ve had a great time taking photos this summer. 100+ medium format rolls, 250+ negative preserver sheets, 2 film binders, 300 GB of scans, and 100+ hours of scanning alone, I have a body of work that I am pleased with. Click this link see a zine containing some of my best work from the summer. The biggest lesson […]

Technical Details

“I doubt that any great photographer ever starts because of amazement over [their] camera or over a particular photographic process. [They] have to love these, too, but it is not with them that [their] fundamental dedication as an artist begins.” – Robert Adams (Beauty in Photography) A quick disclaimer: photography equipment is not nearly as important as […]

What I’ve Learned from Robert Adams

While preparing for this project, I read several books and many articles about photography. Two works stood out to me and have remained a constant reference for me this summer: Robert Adams’ Beauty in Photography and Why People Photograph. Adams, an English professor turned photographer, remained an incredibly strong writer; the books are both concise […]