Summary Post!

Well, my paper is officially one week away from the due date, and I have to say, a part of me wishes it wasn’t over! My research has been my toughest and most ambitious academic endeavor so far, without a doubt, but it’s also been the most rewarding. All that’s left to do is some […]

One Giant Step Done!!!

As of about five minutes ago, I finished the most tedious part of my project: transcribing my interviews. I heard somewhere that it takes about ten minutes to transcribe one minute of speech, and that number was definitely not far off. I thought transcribing two slightly-under-an-hour interviews would be easy; I was very, very wrong. […]

Tell Me About It: Interviews

Last week I completed the part of my research I was most nervous about: my interviews. I interviewed two family members (coincidentally, on the same exact day) about their children’s education, their relationship with their kids’ schools, and their relationship with teachers. It was fascinating – I loved getting to sit down and talk to […]