Final summer-y

At the beginning of the summer, I had high aspirations for what I could accomplish this summer. With that many weeks of full-time research, I was certain that I would all but complete my project of developing a sensor molecule of a protein and fluorophore dye hybrid. Unfortunately, these plans crashed within the second week […]

New beginnings

The last week of summer research brought sudden success in biology. After one month of failed protein expressions due to one reason or another, I finally had enough to run experiments…on the third-to-last day of research. At this point, I was already extremely stressed and burnt out from the long weeks of research and school […]

GFP sensors 2: Resistance is centri-futile


For these past two weeks, I have been growing bacteria to express fluorescent protein so I can harvest it. The protein expression process takes about one week, and I am making four different variants for my experiments. Fortunately, they can be expressed simultaneously. Unfortunately, some of the bacteria cultures have been refusing to grow for some reason. This has […]