Final Summary – The Concessions Dilemma

Over the past couple months this project has taken many turns and twists as it transitioned from an analysis of concessions to a deep dive into the structural problem I call the concessions dilemma. This essay on the dangers of success hopes to bring an added dimension to current discussions on concessions based development and […]

Update #3 Governance in Time of Crisis

The first few sections of my paper discussed in general terms how the structural forces at play in the concessions/government relationship could lead to a concessions dilemma. For those who haven’t been following, a concessions dilemma is the structural paradox that emerges when the legitimacy of the government is challenged by a corporate concession that outperforms […]

Update #2

As the project progressed, my central thesis coalesced into the concept of a concessions dilemma. My paper will introduce the concept of a concessions dilemma through an analysis of Liberian concessions-based development and demonstrate how effective government oversight and responsible corporate governance, paradoxically, has the potential to fundamentally undermine the integrity and legitimacy of a weak state.  A […]