Final Summary

The goal of my project was to determine the preferred diet of the endangered rufa subspecies of the coastal red knot, a shorebird, using the genetic material found in fecal samples.  Based on prior research, it was known that the two main sources of food for the red knots are a species of Donax clams […]

Last Day

As I finish up my last day of work this summer, I realize that, while my project did not go to plan, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and learned a lot about myself and research in general.  I had no idea what to expect when I first entered the lab this summer, as my […]

Getting Somewhere

This week has been my most exciting and productive week yet!  We are finally getting somewhere, as we have finally nailed down a protocol using DNAzol to isolate DNA form our Red Knot fecal samples.  While the DNA is not abundant or very pure, it is actually there in substantial enough amounts that we can […]