Stay Classy, William and Mary

Signing of with my last blog post, here is a quick overview of my completed summer research: The United States and Spain have very different energy policies, with varying degrees of focus on energy conservation as a facet of the overall plan. In order to more closely examine these different policy outcomes, I specifically examine […]

Coding: To Open or to Close?

While coding data, you have the opportunity to choose between an open or a closed system. For a little background, the process of coding data involves searching through large amounts of information for recurrent words or phrases to establish trends in the content of the information. In a closed scheme words and phrases are chosen […]

The building block

PROBLEM DEFINITION, as the first building block of policy Political Scientists David A. Rochefort and Roger W. Cobb begin their influential volume, “The Politics of Problem Definition” by stating that, “’Problem Definition’ has to do with what we choose to identify as public issues and how we think and talk about these concerns”. More specifically, […]