Final Blog Post: An Exciting Ending

From endless journal articles to long hours constructing dynamic timelines to late nights hunkered in front of my computer, completing my Monroe project has truly been a fruitful and enriching experience. What began as an extended version of previous research I’d conducted became a deep dive into the intricacies of the infant formula industry. While I’ve been […]

Update 3: (Belated Update) Synthesis & Analysis

Apologies for the belated nature of this post, it was meant to be posted on August 16th! Once I returned to campus for orientation, my posting slowed down as I focused on synthesizing and analyzing my research. _______________ As I enter into the final stages of my synthesis and analysis process, I’m struck by the sheer […]

Update 2: Finding the Work, Life (& Research) Balance

Given my dynamic mix of interning with the Environmental Defense Fund, researching the infant formula industry, and living in Washington D.C., this summer forced me to find harmony between a variety of pursuits. Despite working full-time, I was committed to staying up-to date on my Monroe research and making sure that infant formula was constantly a consideration […]