Final Blog Post/Summary

Well, I am done! Having the opportunity to do this research has been eye-opening, especially in terms of guiding me closer to my career goals. I know that I have gotten the topic, eldercare, right. However, I have learned that I am more interested in working directly with elders and their caregivers than conducting fairly […]

Long-Term Care Perspectives from Abroad

I’m firmly in the drafting stage, finally getting the chance to string together my rough outline into a cohesive paper. Right now, I am working on my “international perspectives” section in which I discuss how other countries have approached their eldercare needs. I have found it difficult to streamline this section because most developed countries […]

Employee Turnover in the Industry…

This past week, I’ve been wondering quite a bit about employee turnover in the eldercare industry, and how to minimize it. According to Paul Osterman, MIT economist and author of Who Will Care for Us?, a book on the role that home care aides play in the delivery of eldercare, turnover in these jobs is […]