Two Interviews Completed (Update 2)

Despite a frustrating experience with the Institutional Review Board, my research was approved by the PHSC at the end of July. Since then, I have advertised my research project on a local college’s campus. I chose not to interview William and Mary students because the campus is so small and I didn’t want to speak to anyone […]

Finishing Preliminary Research (Update 1)

I have been working on creating a solid foundation for my research. These past weeks, I have read through a lot of previous research on topics related to mine. Some of these included demographic research about who goes to the Gynecologist and when. Others discussed the medicalization process and its intersections with women’s rights. Interestingly, quite […]

Abstract: Investigating Gynecology

I will be spending my summer interviewing women about their experiences surrounding health with a focus on women’s health (i.e. obstetrics and gynecology). Existing research on these topics has focused on sexual health behavior, how gynecologists attempt to make exams less threatening, and historical analyses of past gynecological practices. I see this literature as serving as a solid, but […]