Final Abstract

The final abstract of my Monroe project is as follows: The topic of my undergraduate Monroe scholar project is Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy and successful entrepreneur and politician. Berlusconi’s financial success, particularly in the media sector, makes him a controversial leader. Drawing on books and newspaper articles written in both Italian and […]

Contending Perspectives: Journalists v. Scholars – Monroe Research weeks 3-4

During the past two weeks I continued researching Berlusconi’s political background and learning about the media and about political scandal and I started to write my research project. I finished Political Scandal: Power and Visibility in the Media Age by John B. Thompson and read Italian Vices by Silvana Patriarca, Berlusconi’s Italy: Mapping Contemporary Italian […]

Monroe Research Weeks 1-2

As the first two weeks of my Monroe project research are coming to a close, I took a few hours to reflect on the research that I have done. I decided to write summaries of the sources that I have read so far, a process which benefitted me far more than I anticipated. Writing summaries […]